I will show you how to earn affiliate commissions with mobile apps

show you how to earn affiliate commissions with mobile apps

About This Gig

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money without the hassle of being the product or service owner.

What Should I expect when ordering this gig?
This guide will teach you how to generate niche mobile apps easily and for free, that users would love to install and use on a daily basis.

The revenue will be made using ads inside these apps.

Why would someone want to install my app?
This is a great question, I hope it really popped into your mind :)
The apps we are making are news-app about a specific idea or subject, it can be about a football team, NASCAR, Poker, Stock Trading etc.. The narrower the better.
As you can see, the list of ideas are endless.

Wait, how will I be able to keep this app updated?
This is exactly what I am going to share with you, I will show you how to create these apps easily and how to make the news flow constantly.

Who is this for?
Any one with an ability to browse the web will be able to create this kind of apps.

What is this gig NOT:
- This gig will not grant you any rights over this e-book. you are only allowed to use it for your own use, you must NOT share/sale/distribute this e-book.

Order Details

1 day delivery

PDF format e-book

A marketing strategy to earn affiliate commissions with mobile apps

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How complicated it will be?
    not too much, if you feel confident signing up for website and online service you should be fine.
  • How common this method is?
    Not at all. This is great as these apps are still getting great results.
  • Once the app is live, can i keep adding and updating my affiliate links and ads in it?