I will professionally interpret your phone conversation

professionally interpret your phone conversation
professionally interpret your phone conversation

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About This Gig

Do you have to communicate with someone that speaks another language? Do what the professionals do: use an interpreter.

About us and the industry:
We are a professional interpretation agency, we provide this service to private clients in the health, legal, insurance and customer service sectors. Agencies hire contractors, not employees, to handle the calls they get every day. As you know, the call volume is very unpredictable, hence it's best to hire a freelance interpreter than a full time employee, and pay them by the time they work, not for just sitting and waiting for it. More than 90% of interpreted calls are handled by freelance, but trained, interpreters.

How can you benefit?
As freelance interpreters, we are not bound to a specific schedule, which makes us open to take on assignments. You can have the same qualified interpreter that hospitals, clinics, attorneys and courtrooms are using; all for a much lower price because you're just complementing our work schedule.

Please let us know days in advance the time, timezone and date so we can schedule an interpreter for you. If it's a long conference, let us know and we can work out the rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What languages do you offer?
    We are currently offering Spanish only, as we are testing how effective an open gig to the public will be. If you have a request for another language, please let us know, we may be able to work it out. We will add more languages per customers requests.
  • What if the time I hired the interpreter for is up and I'm not finished talking?
    We suggest you plan ahead by choosing a plan that gives you more room for this scenario, but we all have been there, we hear conversations that extend every day. In case this were to happen, the interpreter may be on the line for an extra minute while you wrap things up.
  • Will the interpreter tell me my time is up?
    We are professionals, so the interpreter will behave as such. We may simply give you a friendly, but short, reminder of when there's 1 minute left per your plan. If the time is up and it's past the point of the extra "wrap-up" minute, the interpreter may be automatically disconnected from the call.
  • What quality guidelines and information protection is used for my protection?
    Professional interpreters are trained to keep confidentiality and handle sensitive information. We do, however, ask that you refrain from providing credit or bank account information, demographics or any piece of information you would not give to a stranger. This protects you and us.
  • What if I've never used an interpreter before?
    We recommend having a small pre-session conversation with the interpreter before the actual call. This could be taken care of in 1 short minute or less and it does not count within your plan minutes. The interpreter will share the guidelines for a free flowing conversation.
  • What if I know that my call will be longer than 30 minutes?
    It could get expensive to pay by the minute in this case. We offer options depending on the scenario and possible length. We will definitely work with you to make it as affordable as possible with the same quality, we're here to help.
  • Can I hire you permanently?
    If you feel that you will be requiring ongoing interpretation services, we can offer you long-term solution. This way we ensure you're not overpaying for this type of service.
  • Do you only offer interpretation?
    Actually, we don't just offer interpretation services. We also provide translation, transcription, subtitles and other services. Just contact us and we'll take care of your language needs.