I will do a general 3 card Tarot or Oracle reading

do a general 3 card Tarot or Oracle reading

About This Gig


As you can see, I have made changes to this gig.

Many people have a specific question they want answered, either with the Tarot or an oracle deck, and that's fine, but this gig is simply to answer the general question: "What do I need to know right now about my life as a whole?"

It's sort of a Big-Picture reading, if you will, of what's going on in your life and what changes you might make to fix things, if things need fixing. You can also look at it as "reading the map and adjusting your sails" to change your course in life, with help from Spirit. :-)

I do not believe in accidents or mere coincidence. If you were guided to this gig, then welcome. :-)

I have a fairly wide range of decks that can/will be used to bring you the necessary messages, including, but not limited to:

  • DruidCraft Tarot
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Lord of the Rings Tarot
  • 3 different animal oracle decks
  • Angel decks (oracle & Tarot) by Doreen Virtue

What You'll Get:

A .ZIP file with both pictures of the cards and a .DOC file explaining what's going on so you can refer to it later if you wish, especially if something manifests later on that puzzles you at the time of the reading.
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