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develop a custom WordPress site
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About This Gig

Hello, I'm Alex. I'm a WordPress developer/designer and I'm able to create any type of website site with custom functionalities / features.
I only deal with complex tasks / projects, I'm able to achieve any project as per your precise requests.
I don't rely on the available plugins to accomplish my projects, so I won't suggest installing a bunch of plugins as possible solutions for your requests.

I'm here to fulfill your demands exactly as per your requests and WordPress Developer Documentation.
This type of work takes time, is not cheap and not many are even able to do it. I don't like sites which are accessed only by the site owner, I like to be proud of my work.

I focus a lot on SEO, page speed and possible updates.
However some of your decisions may compromise the purpose of my work.
My advice is to create a fast and easy to use website.
A clean and simple web design will make your site load faster and increase conversions.
$500 is the starting price (not a fixed price) - sometimes a single section of a page may cost more than the rest of the website.

For more see my gig portofolio PDF file.

Contact me for a quote or additional info.

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14 days delivery

Custom WordPress site

You must contact me - $500 is not a fixed price, is the starting price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept orders for a lower price than what your gig cost, is ?
  • I have contacted a bunch of sellers and I need to make a decision soon. Can you provide me a quote asap?
    I'm not interested. I'm here for programming tasks / projects which means that every single demand is unique (nothing is repeating for me). Therefore I must figure out the programming part based on your requirements and it takes quite some time and I can't afford to waste it.