I will fix any complex issue, error, bug as a WordPress Developer

fix any complex issue, error, bug as a WordPress Developer

About This Gig

Hello, I'm Alex. I'm a WordPress developer/designer and I'm able to solve any issue, error, bug regardless of the programming language or type.

Wordpress is all about updates, which is why none of the existing plugins, parent theme or wp core files should ever be touched. As WordPress Developer Documentation says, if you just go ahead and edit whatever makes your day easier, in time, updates will remove these changes which may cause other issues.

There are only two proper ways to make code changes to your wordpress site. Either by creating a child theme or a plugin, which then can be used to fix issues related to wordpress CMS, plugins and themes, without having to actually touch any of these. This type of work takes time, is not cheap and not many are even able to do it.

Contact me for a quote or additional info.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Complex issue fix

You must contact me - $50 is not a fixed price, is the starting price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you speed up sites ?
    No, I don't. A custom made site created by a dev, doesn't need to be "speeded up". You don't first create a site to have it optimized after. Sites achieved from back-end with a bunch of plugins, for making a difference, involves a lot of work and this type of site owners usually don't pay for it.
  • Do you accept orders for less than $50?
  • Can I use this gig to hire you for customizations, as well ?
    No. Please check my other gig - the one from Programming & Tech / WordPress / Customization "I will do any task as a WordPress Developer"
  • I need a website built. Can I use this GIG ?
    No. As you can see this GIG is in Programming & Tech / WordPress / Bug Fixes, therefore you can only hire me for solving issues. If you want to create an website, please check my other GIG from Programming & Tech / WordPress / Full Website Creation (develop a custom WordPress site)
  • What do you usually need to get started ?
    I always need wp-admin and FTP access but for certain issues, I may also need access to the hosting panel.