I will create an Amazon Giveaway for your book

create an Amazon Giveaway for your book

About This Gig

Are you tired of pushing everyone to buy your book?

Why don't you try a natural pull?

One good way of getting people to buy your book is to GIVEAWAY a print or hard copy book.

Everybody loves FREEBIES! 

I will setup on Amazon to giveaway your product to improve your rankings. This promo will run for 7 days by which I can promote the giveaway link on Facebook and Twitter. I will give you the link of the giveaway and  you can promote it yourself too. 

I simply need the details of your title- sorry it has to be a physical product.

Just simply tell me how many items you would like to give away whether it is just 1 or 5 or maybe more.

The costs including shipping has to be covered. 

Contact me for further details :)