I will help with online reasoning tests, SHL and others

help with online reasoning tests, SHL and others

About This Gig

I have extensive experince in online reasoning tests for job applications. I help applicants with the following tests:

-        Numerical reasoning

-        Verbal reasoning

-        Logical reasoning

-        Critical reasoning

-        Situational judgment

-        Personality tests

-        And others

Until now I have helped many UK students and experienced professional to pass the online assessment stage and take a step forward in securing their job. The test providers I am well familiar with are:

-        SHL / CEB

-        Kenexa IBM

-        Talent Q

-        Capp

-        Cubiks

-        Saville Consulting

-        and others

I am very successful in helping all my clients pass these tests - with an exceptionally high pass rate. I have a large client portfolio on a breadth of industries and the tests will be taken with strict confidentiality. 

I can aid you on any online test to ensure you pass the benchmark. You may notice, the practice tests are somewhat different to the real tests, so I will be able to tutor you on how to improve or help on the test. 

Order Details

1 day delivery

£18 per test

I charge £18 per test. Pass is guaranteed and payment is after confirmation