I will draw you a cute anime chibi

draw you a cute anime chibi

About This Gig

As soon as I get enough sales I will be offering the rest of the styles shown in the cover ^^^^

  • You can pick exactly what you want them to wear and how to look, even send in reference pictures if you want

  • I can make them look like you or a loved one 

  • I will make it the best quality drawing possible and will make sure you are satisfied 100%

  • Approximately 600 x 1000 px resolution, with transparent background 

How to Order

  1. Place order
2. Send me photo (your photo/original character/any other character) AND/OR a very DETAILED description
3. Provide me with any other details you may wish to add, like pose
4. After the order is complete, I'll send you the drawing 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! :)

Order Details

2 days delivery