I will send a thoughtful Thank You card to a loved one

send a thoughtful Thank You card to a loved one

About This Gig

Whenever we get a gift, it's best to send out a thank-you card! We youngsters don't always realize how important this is, especially towards our older relatives.  It's the most thoughtful and appropriate thing to do. 

Or, perhaps you might need to send your thank-you for another occasion, especially if someone did something really nice for you. Acknowledge their kindness to keep that good karma flowing. 

I will be very happy to write your message (or create my own, your choice) and use either a woman's or man's handwriting to suit your needs. 

It will be written on a beautiful card; I have a large assortment and am always shopping for new ones. Please include the recipient's name and address so that I can mail it to them promptly. 

Trust me, such a quick and thoughtful reply has a huge impact, and will keep those gifts coming. 

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