I will send out a souvenir postcard from Las Vegas

send out a souvenir postcard from Las Vegas

About This Gig

I can think of lots of reasons to send out a Las Vegas postcard, but what's yours? Maybe you are a collector. Or, perhaps you partied a bit too hard and never made it to the store for one.  Even better, maybe you need some cover when you called out for work. (hey, I'm not one to judge.) You could always make your pals jealous that you "went" to Sin City. Personally? I think Las Vegas has some pretty sweet postcards around town: colorful, fun, and exciting. It's an American icon. 

I have so much fun gathering these up! 

I will write whatever you want, just let me know if you want women's or men's handwriting. Quick turnaround!  It will be postmarked from Las Vegas, NV. 

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