I will mail a letter to your future self

mail a letter to your future self

About This Gig

Ever wish you could remind your future, older, more jaded self of what you know now? Ever wish you could write a time capsule and have someone else keep it safe and send it to you once you've completely forgotten about it? 

If so, this gig is for you! 

For $5, I will help you send a letter to your future self. It can be through email or as a physical snail mail letter. 

Once you purchase the gig, just send an attachment (word, PDF, etc.) with the letter, as well as the date you want it sent and the address you want it sent to. I will respect your privacy and will NOT read it. Your letter will be stored both on the cloud and on a local hard drive, in order to make sure it is kept safe. 

The date and address you provide will be stored in a special spreadsheet, and I will also set up an email notification in order to ensure, even if years go by, I won't forget. 

You can also use this gig to send a letter to your children or loved ones in the future. 

The date you choose can be a week in the future, or twenty years in the future. Don't wait! Tell your future self what you need to know today! 

(Note: shipping is included for US customers. For those outside the US, please contact me first.) 

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1 day delivery