I will make Business Plan,do financial, Accounting, Excel Work

make Business Plan,do financial, Accounting, Excel Work
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About This Gig

I am a qualified Chartered accountant in India and I have more than 8+ years of accounting and financial consultancy experience. I have good knowledge of bookkeeping and Financing of various Private,Public Companies.

Currently I am providing services as a Financer for More than 25 Multi National Company


I Can do following

-Financial Statement ( Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Owner’s Equity Statement, Notes)
-Taxation(Sales tax/Vat/State Tax)
-Payroll management  
-Financial Statement presentation with Graph,Chart,Bar.Pie.
-Bank Reconciliation

- I Make Financial Reports in Excel with a Quality Work.
-Any kind of
 Excel task related to Accounting and Financing.
-Business Plan & Financial Forecasting 

- Providing CMA (Credit Monitoring Analysis) to the Parties

Some of My working Areas includes 

-Assignment on Financial management

-Online Accounting/Management Accounting/Financial Management  

- Sum up Comprehensive Excel Data in very Concise Format with Explanations.

-Accounting Financial Analysis.

1. 100% satisfaction

2. 100% Quality Assurance.

3. 100% Performance. 

Please enquire with me first before placing the order


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can i give a direct order?
    It is recommended not to give direct orders with out asking me. Following are the reasons for this: i) It may be possible that i am busy with some other projects. ii) It may be possible that the order you are giving is not worth of $5. I can decide the actual worth of the order.