I will be your beautiful facebook girlfriend

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lucabaud 9 days ago
be your beautiful facebook girlfriend
be your beautiful facebook girlfriend
be your beautiful facebook girlfriend

About This Gig

I will add you on FB as my boyfriend (or girlfriend) for a week. I will post on your wall, reply to comments you leave, and comment on your pictures. Want to make an ex-jealous? Or brag to your friends? 

This isn't a sexual offer, and sexual chat or video etc isn't part of this deal. This is just fun.

Here are a few questions I frequently get.

Are you a real person?
Yes, I am 100% real and this is my real Facebook account.  I am not a bot.

Will you send me your Facebook URL before I order?
I used to do this but unfortunately I've been the victim of extreme online harassment from a few people so I can no longer do this.  I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have about my page!

Will you keep me as a friend on FB?
Yes!  As long as you don't post anything on my page that could ruin any of my gigs.  And maybe not if you send me game requests (Grrrr!)  ;-)

Will you post something specific on my page?
Sure!  Tell me what you would like or tell me something about you and I will come up with my own.