I will in 24hrs channel DETAILED messages from your Spirit Guides


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Description 1 Concern Basic Guided Reading 1 Concern Detailed Reading 2 Concern Detailed Reading + Prayer
  This Gig you will receive a basic non detailed Guided Reading on 1 Concern. Intense detailed reading, with great specifics and how-to heal or create any desires w/ Time Frames Detailed reading, with great specifics & how-to heal or create any desire w/ Time Frames + Prayer
Delivery Time 1 day
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About This Gig

To Desire without result, is not a life I wish anyone to live...

  • I work intimately and intuitively with your Guides, receiving any important messages they desperately desire you to know. I connect with your Guides in a medative, trans like state, where I receive the answers to your questions and concerns. 

  • Pick your package carefully to receive the best results, and if you have any questions prior to the reading feel free to contact me first and thank you for allowing me to be of aid to you on your own Spiritual Journey, #itsokaytonotbeokay!