I will teach you how to be a Match to MONEY

teach you how to be a Match to MONEY

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Description How -To Guide, Match 2 Money Guide + Detailed Reading 4 Money Guide + Detail Reading + Prayer
  This How-To Guide will teach you the Energetic Essentials to become a match to money! How-To Guides, along with Detailed Reading on any blockages & how to heal them to receive money! How-To Guide, Detailed Reading & Customized Prayer to use daily to bring you closer to Money!
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About This Gig

 To Desire without result, is not a life I wish anyone to live...

  • Having a healthy, constant, reliable source of financial flow or money coming in at all times is essential to our well being at large. When we have blockages, belief patterns, or simply lack of knowledge as to how to BUILD this healthy connection to money - we start to experience lack, low self esteem, low value and can at times even manipulate others to meet our financial needs for us because we ourselves believe we cannot meet our own needs. This How-To is dedicated to creating new ways of thinking and to educate you on the energy of money and how it naturally flows with and through us.

  • Pick your package carefully to receive the best results, and if you have any questions prior to the reading feel free to contact me first and thank you for allowing me to be of aid to you on your own Spiritual Journey, #itsokaytonotbeokay!