I will rent out my Personal Computer

rent out my Personal Computer

About This Gig

Basically, you can get me to do/use anything on my computer as long as it's not rediculously tedious or time-consuming, I can leave the pc on 24/7 with constant up to 76Mb/s internet (60 average). My computer specs are as follows

2x2TB Western Digital 6GB/s in RAID0
8GB DDR3 1833MHz RAM
Intel i7 3770k OC to 4.3GHz
nVidia GeForce gtx 660ti
3 1080p monitors for recording

Order Details

1 whole day of renting my computer

I am renting out my computer for you to use the power of to complete any task I might be able to do.

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you install *** program?
    Yes I can, as long as it is free, or you provide me with the program if it costs.