I will advertise your business to our TV audience

Thank you. Good job with the energy of the commercial.
Reviewed by susanmiller27 28 days ago
fast delivery and great advertising Hope to get more customers real soon
Reviewed by phyll33 about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by murithi1975 3 months ago
absolutely fantastic service really hope I get people to look at my online furniture,patio furniture art and mattress showrooms and get some commissions
Reviewed by phyll33 4 months ago
Great service hopefully I'll get more sales
Reviewed by phyll33 5 months ago
Well, the JB&I Show is a new an no budget talk show. We are trying to gain views and patrons through advertising and begging, haha. They gave us affordable ads and potential patron. Thank you for a job well done.
Reviewed by isaacm28 6 months ago
great fantastic service and the order was done quickly may use again soon
Reviewed by phyll33 6 months ago
Poor Experience
Reviewed by dbaker101 6 months ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thegreatassimil 7 months ago
Thanks, make sure that it should reach the right audience.... so that i can repeat this order. :)
Reviewed by goigiweb 7 months ago
Amazing service...strongly recommend this....very happy:)
Reviewed by technomagix 7 months ago
Absolutely FANTASTIC work! Highly recommended, and would buy again. A+
Reviewed by nicolleb 7 months ago
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Great! Jay Elle
Reviewed by jayelle2222 8 months ago
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Good Experience!
Reviewed by christainmusic 8 months ago
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Thanks for your work. I look forward to working with you again.
Reviewed by srsfv1 9 months ago
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AAA+++ Highly Recommended!
Reviewed by gothicempire 9 months ago
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Reviewed by problemsolva 9 months ago
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AL some will differently use again in the future .
Reviewed by hawkeye667 10 months ago
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advertise your business to our TV audience
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About This Gig

We are a community based TV channel and we will advertise your business, crowd funding campaign,etc to millions through our Cable channels and website and digital media.

1. Banner on our website as Promotion with link
2. TV ad produced for our TV program with 3 airings per show{30 days worth of spots}
3. Radio advertising for 30 days with 4 ads per show
4. Social media promotion for 30 days with 3 posts per week

1. Link
2. Banner jpeg image
3. Info on what you want said on TV and radio