I will test your ios or android app as a user

test your ios or android app as a user

About This Gig

I love electronic devices specially mobile phones :)

So , its my hobby to download new apps and test them .

I can let you know which functions are easy to use, and which could be more intuitive!

I can also tell you what design changes could be made, in order to make it fit in with popular trends, and to make it more user friendly!

I want to test YOUR app today! 

I will test it for:
  1. Design
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Functionality
  4. Features

I will deliver to you a PDF document with my findings and let you know exactly how well your app works, and how easy it is to use!

I can test your app on iPhone, iPad and for  Android Phone Check out the Extra's . 

Need more information in the report? No problem! Check out my gig options for even more ways I can send you detailed information about your app!

Want me to compare your app to other similar apps?  Check out my gig options for an awesome way to see how your app stacks up to the competition! 

*A typical, $5 report contains 4 points.