I will take your headaches and sadness away, for real

take your headaches and sadness away, for real

About This Gig

Do you, sometimes, have headaches and don't know why? What about feeling down, sad or angry for no reason?

Everyday you deal with people that aren't good for you. What they think or say about you (jealous, anger, etc.) goes to your mind and, also, body, without you even realizing it.

There's a spiritual and magical way to remove those bad things out of you and you will notice it! You'll feel lighter, happier, less stressed out.

For doing this, I have to say a prayer while doing a magic ritual. I repeat it over and over again until it is 100% completed. It is very rare not to work! I usually do it for myself and to the people I love when I notice something's just not right and sometimes I have to repeat it 10 times in a row to get it completed.

I'll do this for you until I see it worked, doesn't matter how many times I do it.
  • For 5$ I have it done in 3 days
  • For an extra 10$ I have it done in 1 day
  • For an extra 10$ I light up incense and candles to make it even more powerful to you

Let me make you feel better.

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3 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions