I will treat Your Accounting Patients

treat Your Accounting Patients
treat Your Accounting Patients

About This Gig

Dr. Accountaholic is here to give you every type of accounting medicine. I am certified, experienced and high quality accounting doctorKeep your business healthy, disease free and smiling by consulting for Advice, Accounting Medicine and Surgery.

My Clinic has:-

First Aid Treatment:
  • Accounting Entries
  • General Ledgers/Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements

Specialist Doctor of:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounting Analysis
  • Quickbooks recording
  • Quickbooks clean up
  • Quickbooks reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Accounting Surgeries:
  • Your business can have a cosmetic surgery through accounting. 
  • Accounting reports and analysis face-lift your business to get wrinkle free and beautiful.
  • Accounting reports indicate the business body part vulnerable to a bacterial attack and thus be treated on time.
  • Some time a small sickness can cause big diseases and occasionally death. While a regular doze of accounting reports/analysis can keep it healthy and smiling.

All patients are treated under International Financial Reporting Standards and file is prepared in MS Excel in very attractive format and even understandable to non finance person.