I will use Accounting Reports To Innovate Your Decisions

use Accounting Reports To Innovate Your Decisions

About This Gig

Accounting is way more than just a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets. Accounting can strengthen decision making to a great effect if proper, timely & understandable reports are produced. 

Proper generation and in depth analysis of these reports allows to look deep into the performance of different aspects of business. Following are some useful reports with introduction.

  • Profit & Loss > Shows income, expenses & profit over a period

  • Balance Sheet > Financial Position.

  • Cash Flow statement > How cash moved for a specific period.

  • Ratio Analysis > Analysis of different aspects of business.
  • Example Liquid Ratio > Shows weather Cash & Equivalents are able to meet current liabilities or not.

  • Debtors Analysis >  It reveal who are one’s biggest or oldest debtors at a glance.

  • Budget Reports > help business owners analyze company's performance and control costs

  • Bank/Cash Reconciliations > explains the difference between the bank balance in ledger and the bank statement.

  • Variance Analysis > is the investigation of the difference between actual and planned behavior.

  • Other Analysis and Reports

Supporting reports and analysis yield very effective, understandable and useful results.