I will teach you how to be successful on Fiverr for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
teach you how to be successful on Fiverr
teach you how to be successful on Fiverr

About This Gig

Fiverr is a popular on-demand service website that began in 2010. Users have the ability to create “gigs” in which they offer their service to customers. While the website began on the premise that each gig is worth $5, users have since then offered more extravagant packages that can sometimes yield up to $300. Vendors are around the globe on Fiverr, and with thousands of them it becomes easy to find the service you need – no matter what niche it is in. 

Jana Dbouk (known as "Jen") found success at an early age on Fiverr offering $5 business plans. The amount of work she received prompted her to develop her own business plan and pitch deck development company, Acentius. During her first year on Fiverr, she has serviced over 1000 companies across the globe. 

Now, Jana Dbouk shares her thoughts, tips, and guide, on how to use Fiverr and turn your hobby into a side job based right in your own home.

You will receive a PDF of the eBook.