I will create a short custom animation

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create a short custom animation

About This Gig

Will create a custom 15 second animation using Adobe Flash CS5. 15 seconds may not sound like much at all, but take into consideration it takes a great deal of time to animate. The video you see here took me a few hours to make, that means I'm working for like 2 dollars an hour. That's almost slave labor folks, slave labor. Don't ask for anything crazy such as 'REANIMATE LION KING' because I'm sticking to a simple cartoony style, not adding a ton of detail. Once ordered be sure to have an audio recording (If you want speech) and a basic idea ready. EX- You want a short little animation of your logo running across the screen with talking in the background "Please visit ------.com to get blah blah!" Make sure you send me a recording of what audio you want and I'll use that in the animation, I will not use my own voice Also, keep it simple, like I said before I'm not going to reanimate an entire show

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