I will do door to door flyer distribution in Brooklyn, Queens,NY


About This Gig

"Do door hangers actually work?" Absolutely! A flyer goes directly to person's property with a nice plastic bag, and this should cost you less than a direct mail postcard.

What you are going to get with 1 gig purchase is a door to door distribution up to 100 flyers (~ 100 houses) in Brooklyn or Queens borough of New York.

How it works:
- I pick up flyers at your office.
- I go door to door to distribute flyers.
- I take couple pictures and send it to you along with route map. 

* Proof of Distribution!
Please contact me before placing an order.
* You may supply you own design or I could create a great looking one for you! 
* Please contact me for Custom Offer which could include printing and delivery of 
2500/5000 flyers. I have very affordable price. 

Distributing flyers to houses is a great, low-cost way to get the word out about your business. 



door-to-door flyering

3 days delivery