I will turn your photo into a poem, letter, song for $5

/ 2 Days On Average

About This Gig

Turn your picture into something truly unique and special.  After I send the finished product you can easily print it as a picture, canvas, sticker etc at any local printing provider!

*Please note* Whatever text you choose will likely need to be repeated several times to create the picture.  Please refer to the text pictures in the examples and how the words begin and end.  

Just let me know what text you would prefer to use (may need to be repeated to fill up the space) and send the picture.  Works best if the background is removed from the subject so let me know who or what the subject is, as well.  

You can pick a couple different fonts, if you'd like, from the PDF shown. 

If you have another picture you would like to use as a background, I'd be happy to combine the two. Please see the examples in the pictures.