I will proofread and edit any writing up to 2000 words

proofread and edit any writing up to 2000 words

About This Gig

I will proofread and edit anything up to 2000 words. This includes school papers, letters, documents, blog posts, and anything else! I will not proofread or edit adult content. I will proofread for grammar, spelling, and formatting and I am willing to make suggestions concerning flow or clarity of content.

If you have something with more than 2000 words, either order multiple gigs (one per 2000 words) or contact me to tell me how many extra words you have and we can discuss whether you need to order extra gigs for it or not.

I can have orders completed within 24 hours. If I am online when the order is sent, it can be completed within the hour, depending on the length of the work. 2000 or more words may take more than an hour.

I spent a year of my college education working as a writing tutor to my fellow students. I proofread and edited many different papers, including papers written by ESL students. My specialties are grammar and flow.

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