I will be your SPOKESPERSON or Presenter with PowerPoint Slides

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Outstanding Experience!
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be your SPOKESPERSON or Presenter with PowerPoint Slides
be your SPOKESPERSON or Presenter with PowerPoint Slides
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About This Gig

Yes, I'll be your Spokesperson / Presenter, with PowerPoint Slides!

For $5,  I'll read your script up to 50 words, or longer if you pay the extra -

  • 1-50 words = $5
  • 51-100 words = $10
  • Etc.
    PLEASE NOTE: A slide is a full slide with all elements on the slide displayed at once. If you have a slide where the bullets advance as I'm speaking, each bullet is counted as a separate slide.  For example, if slide 5 in your presentation has 6 bullets and you want each to appear at certain points in the script. Slide 5 is actually counted as 6 separate slides.

The best part is that I'll present your script with PowerPoint slides to my  side. They'll advance as I'm talking and timed perfectly to your script.

It's only $5 for every 2 slides you want shown on the video !!!!
  • 1-2 slides = $5
  • 3-4 slides = $10
  • 5-6 slides = $15
  • etc ...

You will need to provide the
  • Script
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • When in the script each specific slide should advance

You must provide a script. I read scripts AS-THEY ARE, so  you may want to purchase my $10 extra 'fix your script' so if there is a mistake, grammar error, word missing, etc, I'll catch it, correct it,  and read the script correctly, so that it sounds professional and convincing.