I will say whatever you want me in this new novelty gig

Perfect job! Thank you very much
Reviewed by getmoney144 3 days ago
Amazing, thanks so much!
Reviewed by getmoney144 5 days ago
Wow!!! you do some really good work....Video turned out very good...and fast delivery too.....Im impressed for sure....Thank You!!
Reviewed by scriptmall 13 days ago
This guy is the boss. I seriously think there is no one better.
Reviewed by jacobbohmer 16 days ago
BOSS Had me on the floor dying!!! Thank you Rog!
Reviewed by deisgncoder 23 days ago
awesome job!
Reviewed by cashibaerchen 25 days ago
Very excellent quality video,I an very satisfied with the product, best value on fiverr,Thanks
Reviewed by rorikes about 1 month ago
Delivered on time with exactly what I wanted!
Reviewed by theepicgamers 4 months ago
Reviewed by msangela7 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by wexrit 8 months ago
Thanks keep up the good work. Fine job there.
Reviewed by buckiesads 9 months ago
Thanks Good job. Got more gigs coming your way.
Reviewed by buckiesads 9 months ago
Good, will do again.
Reviewed by tirthahotels 10 months ago
Great quick service. Pleasure to work with.
Reviewed by polybius67 11 months ago
Reviewed by dlkdlkdlk 12 months ago
Late. This video was for a special event - company 20th year celebration. It arrived after our event and was not seen. Many were disappointed.
Reviewed by marcus30005 about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by yahiasylhety about 1 year ago
Fast and Funny
Reviewed by vorians about 1 year ago
Excellent, 5 star performance, highly recommend for everyone, must try this gig,
Reviewed by masrwah about 1 year ago
Fantastic value! Great service. Definitely fun.
Reviewed by mhskibum over 1 year ago
say whatever you want me in this new novelty gig
say whatever you want me in this new novelty gig
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FIVERR 2017-02-21 - 21 - FO81034CCF105
FIVERR 2017-02-13 - 14 - FO79D2BFB201  (mp4)
FIVERR 2017-02-09 - 12 - FO5C319C85A5
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FIVERR 2017-02-01 - 11 - FO5D2BD38D86
FIVERR 2017-01-23 - 37 - FO5F5CDFA3E8
FIVERR 2016-10-26 - 12 - FO390B755236
FIVERR 2016-08-31 - 19 - FO7C7E994967
FIVERR 2016-07-04 - 10 - FO14B7020F65
FIVERR 2016-05-23 - 38 - FO14F21518C6
FIVERR 2016-05-18 - 10 - FO69B3C9DA88
FIVERR 2016-04-27 - 27 - FO35F9A39C06
FIVERR 2016-03-26 - 21 - FO545FC85E82
FIVERR 2016-03-02 - 06 - FO4556544225
FIVERR 2016-01-16 - 16 - FO88BADBFC08
FIVERR 2016-01-16 - 18 - FO768AA4B205
FIVERR 2016-01-16 - 07 - FO77A1A108C7
FIVERR 2015-12-28 - 01 - FO321F8E9401
FIVERR 2015-11-04 - 03 - FO52F7195FC1 1

About This Gig

Connect with your customers, promote your business, product or opportunity, or just have some fun and send a birthday message or pull a prank on your friends with this awesome gig.

There are 5 cool backgrounds to choose from:
  1. The new White House Press Room
  2. The Pentagon Briefing Room
  3. The Dept. of Homeland Security
  4. The EPA 
  5. Interpol

All I need from you is a script of what you want me to say, I charge $5 (1 gig) per 50 words, so a 150 word script would cost you $15 (3 gigs).

I'll say pretty much anything you want me to say, so if you want to have a bit of fun, profanities like "f
ùçk" and such are OK with me, but the video must be in good humour and fun. I don't generally do any sexist, hate, religious stuff, insulting fringe groups, if in doubt, just send me a message and ask.

Videos are delivered in .MOV format, are in 720p HD (1080p optional), h.264/AAC/2ch, ready for upload to Youtube, Vimeo, etc, or further processing and editing. If you have problems playing the video, google  the VLC player and download that. It's the best and plays everything. Comes in Windows, Mac and other flavours !

I can supply videos in other formats (AVI, MP4, etc), for an extra $10.