I will showcase / introduce your business or opportunity

Wow very good job... thanks
Reviewed by wblogs 9 months ago
Reviewed by missionfreedom 10 months ago
Thank you roger, highly pro. E
Reviewed by eran293 11 months ago
Great job would use again many thanks :)
Reviewed by swingvoters 11 months ago
Reviewed by mladeny 12 months ago
Reviewed by mrkoob about 1 year ago
Excellent Work. A++
Reviewed by minecraft3d about 1 year ago
Thanks, good service
Reviewed by csarratt about 1 year ago
Rog nailed it. Nice job!
Reviewed by tentron over 1 year ago
Great work once again Rog! Thanks for an outstanding experience.
Reviewed by tscolo over 1 year ago
Amazing experience! Thanks again Rog!
Reviewed by tscolo almost 2 years ago
Once again Rog delivering a terrific product! Thanks again, will be back soon.
Reviewed by tscolo almost 2 years ago
Just fantastic!
Reviewed by mrkoob about 2 years ago
Well Done more on the way
Reviewed by taxinations over 2 years ago
I didn't like the delivery and the accent of the voice. If you are in southern American I would not recommend this gig because audience would have a hard time understanding the words
Reviewed by lonnie1001 over 2 years ago
Great job & Timely delivery . Thanks !
Reviewed by coolnavoo almost 3 years ago
THanks Rog, I have some more videos to come will be of the similiar nature I will contact you
Reviewed by jasoncraigg85 almost 3 years ago
Thank you so much!!! Excellent- FAST A++++ Service - thank you again :)
Reviewed by bebwayz1 almost 3 years ago
Very quick response, done sooner than expected, video is great. Thank you Rog!
Reviewed by festivus31 almost 3 years ago
good stuff
Reviewed by npngcrew almost 3 years ago
showcase / introduce your business or opportunity
showcase / introduce your business or opportunity
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About This Gig

Let me showcase / introduce / present your business or opportunity. Choose from 8 backgrounds, send me your script of about 70 words, which makes for about 30-40 seconds of video, and I'll even pop your logo or graphic on the screen as well, or pay extra and have animated website or video clip on the screen.

Purchase an extra gig if you need more than 30-40 seconds (up to about 120 words). High Quality HD Video (720p), professionally done. Fast 24hr delivery Option. Just got my new Sennheiser Stage Mike, better sound than ever ! Some groundrules: --> NO illegal drugs, psychic, dating, sex, adult-related products or anything else that's illegal. I don't mind doing funny stuff, let's keep it relatively clean and half-decent, if in doubt, drop me a message and let me know what you got in mind. NO reshoots unless it's my screw-up. NO reshoots because of slight mis-pronounciation of weird city, locality or other names. . If you extremely fussy or particular or in doubt, send me a link to short audio with proper pronunciation of whatever word you want me to say because I will NOT re-shoot - if you have any doubts please ask before ordering.