I will pro Comedians secret comeback lines

pro Comedians secret comeback lines

About This Gig

Ever wonder how those comedy club comedians are so quick witted when it comes to answering back some heckler, or slammin someone for interrupting their show, or just making fun of whatever someone says? They are able to make the audience think they are genius improvisers when in fact that are simply practicing a secret that every professional comedian across the country knows; QUICK COME-BACK STOCK LINES.
These "secret" sarcasms are not only good for the comedy stage, but are guaranteed to make you the hit of any party. Use them at the club, at school, at your high school reunion...never be afraid again to talk to that "smart aleck" who loves to put people down. Now you will be ready with your own arsenal of comebacks that have been proven for years to put those on the receiving end "in their place." 
Close to 100 stock lines for any occasion.