I will setup a secure VPS server, lnmp with nginx and wordpress

setup a secure VPS server, lnmp with nginx and wordpress
setup a secure VPS server, lnmp with nginx and wordpress

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Description VPS install Wordpress BASIC and FTP setup Adminer STANDARD and Management Software
  Basic VPS install Wordpress on one domain Secure ftp user account added per Wordpress install Linux Dash + you can use our fully featured custom built server management interface via ssh.
Theme Installation
Seller will install a theme provided by you (unless stated otherwise in Gig description).
Database Creation
Seller will create a database for your Wordpress site.
Wordpress Installation
Seller will install Wordpress on your hosting service.
Plugins/Extensions Installation
Seller will install the amount of custom plugins indicated (see Gig description).
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The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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About This Gig

I will setup your VPS Web Server on Ubuntu 16.04, using our own custom compiled Nginx, Firewall and Wordpress, our own custom solution.


We use all our own in-house built software solutions to setup your VPS server to a professional PRODUCTION standard.

What's on offer:
(see packages)

LNMP server installation: 

  • Nginx - Nginx Web Server Software (our custom v. with cache purge module)
  • Maria DB v 10.1 - tweaked for performance!
  • PHP v. 7 - with FPM and seperate pools for each wordpress install!
  • Memcached - installed and configured...
  • Jemalloc - specialized memory manager!
  • UFW firewall - configured 
  • Our custom Ubuntu 16.04 tweaks for performance and stability
  • Adminer for database Management
  • Linux dash - Web interface Server Monitor
  • Access our custom wordpress management system by ssh
  • Custom written systemd scripts to run all your VPS
  • Apticron to tell you when to do upgrades (via email)
  • Monit to monitor and restart all your services, it tell you about any problems (via email)

VPS providers I recommend - OVH, Linode, Vult, DigitalOcean

Message me to discuss your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy YOUR 'Custom VPS Setup' Software?
    Sorry its not for sale, we have spent a long time developing and refining the software, it is exclusive to us and no one else currently has anything that does what our software does. But one we have installed your VPS server we can leave you the management portion of the software to run your server
  • Can I have some kind of special setup?
    Message me and we can discuss your requirements, I am fairly flexible and I can add custom things to your order if you so wish.
  • Can you install 'some' plugin or 'some' theme?
    Yes I can! All you need to do is let me know what your requirements are and we can work it out!
  • Can you setup my Wordpress website for me with X pages?
    Yes of course, its our speciality! Just message me your requirements and we can agree a price suitable for the work required, you will need to provide me the content of course!
  • Can you setup my domain and DNS records?
    Yes of course, just let us know your requirements and we can discuss a price....
  • Can you setup a custom mail solution for my domain address?
    Yes of course, no problem, we can set something up that won't cost hardly a penny, just my fee to get you setup. Message me for details please....