I will list ten unforgettable things to do in Bangkok for $5

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list ten unforgettable things to do in Bangkok
list ten unforgettable things to do in Bangkok

About This Gig

Bangkok is like any big city full of interesting activities and attractions. The problem with Bangkok is that it's often looked at as a "hub" - somewhere you have to go to on your way to or from the beach, or the more northern parts of the country. There is also a very clear "tourist trail" of things to do, like the floating market (made only for tourist), the same temples that everyone else goes to, the elephant riding etc. This is the easy option (I understand that planing and researching can feel overwhelming) but there is more to the city than that. A lot more! 

With this service I will write you a list of the ten most unforgettable and interesting things that you have to do/see in Bangkok. Ten things that I guarantee will change the way you look at the city, and make you wish you had more time to linger.  Every point on this list comes with a short description. It includes the typical "tourist stuff" but also things that are off the beaten path and that most people miss during their stay in this magnificent city. 

It would be my honor to help you!