I will help you with texting a girl or guy

help you with texting a girl or guy

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  You just got a girl's or guy's # and you aren't sure what to say to them Showing you how to secure a date and deal with a potential flaker How to make the guy or girl have sex with you or be in a relationship with you
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About This Gig

Just to be clear and upfront, I am not guaranteeing you will succeed with every single person you try to pursue. It is simply not possible, even rockstars have trouble every now and then! With that said I have 14+ years of solid dating experience. I have tried everything in the book and beyond, yet I've learned the most from my trials and errors I've made along the way. I have mentored many friends on how to turn their situation around. In fact, I've had quite a few situations where the girl or guy no longer wanted to speak to this person and in the same day got them wanting to go out on a date with them and even letting them choose the time and place to go! I've found that many guys and girls fail to read the energy and signals of the person they are trying to date. I want you to now understand the opposite sex's (or same sex's) psyche and use it to your advantage so you will be more desired than you could ever imagine! I know I am asking for a pretty penny, but I promise you will get the results you are looking for. No more buying useless ebooks, watching unhelpful videos, or paying a "pick up artist" a ton of money for you to succeed. Stop thinking about it and just do it! :)