I will record a user test of your webpage or iOS app

record a user test of your webpage or iOS app
record a user test of your webpage or iOS app

About This Gig

First Impressions Matter

Websites exist to be used, that's why testing counts. If your site's putting users off somewhere, that could get in the way of your message. I will objectively and thoughtfully test your page for any usability or technical issues I experience while recording my screen and commentary so you can view my experience first hand. This video will then be uploaded unlisted to Youtube where you can view it any time. 

Who Am I?

I'm a native English speaking, computer literate, regular web user who is passionate about good design. Let me test your site, and you'll get feedback from a real human being, who knows a good site from a bad one.

I do most of my web browsing on a Retina Macbook with Safari, but I can test in any browser, or use iOS for mobile sites or apps, or Windows 10 in either tablet or desktop mode if required. 

What Do You Need?

My usual process involves loading the site, recording my first impressions, role-playing a little and free browsing to get a feel for the overall atmosphere. If you'd like me to adopt a more specific role, or perform more specific actions, just let me know when you fill in the gig requirements. 

Order Details

Ten Minute Testing

I will test your site or free iOS app while recording my screen and commentary.

  • Test Scenario
  • Test Mobile
  • Test Desktop
  • 10 Minutes
  • 1 Page Tested
1 day delivery