I will provide finance media contacts, by country, town

provide finance media contacts, by country, town

About This Gig

I will provide depending on your needs, a list of finance media contacts on an excel File.

The list will provide Full Contact / Audience / Media Url / Email contact / Phone number / Subjets / Social media profile you name what you NEED!

Every list is created upon your order to keep the very last updated information. Updates are daily, so you will be guaranteed to get fresh informations.

Select a list by Country, Region, Language, Position, type of media (TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Web)

I manage 1.6 million contact worldwide and 350K social media contact, please help yoursefl and ask me anything.

For 5$ you get a list of 50 targeted contacts

- you get all i can find on the
criteria of your choice
- I circulate a press release to your list for you with report