I will give a robot for Trading Binary

give a robot for Trading Binary

About This Gig

Fear and greed are the biggest obstacles to successful trading.
Fear becomes an irrational force when it prevents the trader from taking necessary trades or hesitating too long, particularly after having suffered a losing trade, or it prevents a trader from closing out a bad trade with a loss.

Greed, its emotional opposite, can cause traders to make random trades, or hold on to positions longer than their trading system dictates. Humans are also plagued with ego and bias, seeing what they want to see from the chart and indicators.

Robot can overcome the emotional factor in trading

Automate your trading strategies with our simple  Easily create bots that trade for you in autopilot mode. You can also upload bots built by other people 

Key Features

You can modification your bot through simple drag-and-drop functions no programming skills required.
Learn the basics quickly with an interactive tutorial.
Test your bots without any risk using virtual account.