I will help in js, backbone, angular, node, jquery

help in js, backbone, angular, node, jquery

About This Gig

Do you need JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks related help ? want to fix any bug ? want to create new project ?

I can help you for java script development any where whether it is server side, client side or mobile app.

As a professional Web developer, I have a sound knowledge in followings:-

  • PHP & MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript 
  • nodejs
  • Java

I believes in client satisfaction more. Nothing more, nothing less, just what you need.

The price will depend on my responsiveness

  • for 5$, I will deliver it in less than a month
  • for 10$, I will deliver it in 10 days
  • for 30$, I will deliver it in 3 days
  • Need it today? take the gig extra !

In general, if it's a really small issue, I can do it on my free time the next available sunday for 10$.

Btw, if you're a nice and motivated person, I will lower the prices. I love happy people, and I might even help you for free. :)

Big project? Buy 1 gig and I'll take a look at it THE SAME DAY !

You should always ask me BEFORE ordering if your demand is doable.

BUT if you feel that your demand is a big thing/if I don't answer in less than a day, you can buy ONE gig and I will take the proper time to look at your project THE SAME DAY. Big projects are my speciality !

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