I will generate Optimized XML Sitemap for wordpress website

generate Optimized XML Sitemap for wordpress website

About This Gig

What is XML Sitemap?

It helps Google to easily understand your website structure while crawling it. Sitemaps are known as URL inclusion protocols as they tell search engines what to crawl.

Benefits Of Having a XML Sitemap:

Having a sitemap on your site passes more data to search engines. So it also:

  • Using sitemaps has many benefits, not only easier navigation and better visibility by search engines. Sitemaps offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site. Of course, you cannot expect that search engines will rush right away to index your changed pages but certainly the changes will be indexed faster, compared to when you don't have a sitemap.
  • Lists all URLs from your site. And this includes pages that would not have been found able by search engines
  • Gives engines page priority and thus crawl priority. You can add a tag on your XML sitemap saying which pages are the most important. Bots will thus first focus on this priority pages.

Gives you information back from the Google Webmaster Central. You can access google-bot activity for instance.

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