I will create a Facebook Notifications APP

create a Facebook Notifications APP

About This Gig

Want to Connect with your Customers, Clients & Contacts and be Sure they see your Message or Offer?

Are you Getting Poor Results with E-mail Marketing?

Unlock the secret to building a HUGE contact list and get open rates of over 90% every time you send them a message!

With Traditional E-mail marketing...
If you had 1000 subscribers and sent out an e-mail on average only 180 or 18% would open your e-mail and your CTR (Click Through Rate) would average 5.6% =10 people of out 1000 end up on your website.

Google "Mailchimp Email Marketing Benchmarks" for current stats on your niche.

With Facebook Notifications...
You can start reaching people where they are > on Facebook!

It's Far More Efficient than E-mail Marketing!

Please note FB only allows desktop notifications

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BASIC Facebook APP

I will create your FB app and Set up FB Notification

5 days delivery