I will design your computer network

design your computer network
design your computer network
design your computer network

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The Advantages (Benefits) of Networking

  • Connectivity and Communication: Networks connect computers and the users of those computers. Individuals within a building or work group can be connected into local area networks (LAN) 
  • Data Sharing: One of the most important uses of networking is to allow the sharing of data.  
  • Hardware Sharing: Networks facilitate the sharing of hardware devices. For example, instead of giving each of 10 employees in a department an expensive color printer or resorting to the “sneaker-net” again, one printer can be placed on the network for everyone to share. 
  • Internet Access Sharing: Small computer networks allow multiple users to share a single Internet connection.  
  • Performance Enhancement and Balancing: Under some circumstances, a network can be used to enhance the overall performance of some applications by distributing the computation tasks to various computers on the network.
  • Firewall Configuration: It will allow you to control users and deny access to outsiders.

Package will be discussed on the basis of your company network needs like ideas, physically support, Topology Design, online support

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