I will provide a Male Voice Over for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
provide a Male Voice Over
provide a Male Voice Over
Really happy with this voice over and will use this service again. Thank you!
Reviewed by tamaradorris about 1 month ago
Excellent job, highly recommend!!!
Reviewed by tcc1118 about 1 month ago
this is exactly what I needed THANKS
Reviewed by thedrillnman 3 months ago
Great work!
Reviewed by bussonge 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by beverleya 4 months ago
Excellent work! Fast turn around. Perfection on first cut! Thank you Adam.
Reviewed by g_allbee 5 months ago
Thanks !!
Reviewed by davea5local 6 months ago
Bless you .Thank you so much, Great communication,. Great response and excellent job done
Reviewed by ezklezra 7 months ago
Fantastic job! Two voiceovers in one! Very good job!
Reviewed by danny_cagen 7 months ago
Did a great job and followed direction well. Thanks adman!
Reviewed by cre8vcoach 8 months ago
2nd time using Adam and it is great again. Thanks!
Reviewed by bhappie 8 months ago
Holy Toledo was that fast! Accuracy 100%! I was able to finish a project fast and simply and impress a client. Thank you Adam!!
Reviewed by bhappie 8 months ago
Thanks Adman, exactly what I asked for...
Reviewed by cre8vcoach 8 months ago
Professional voice! Thank you Adam!
Reviewed by dean_xiang 8 months ago
AWEOME work! Fantastic!!!!!!
Reviewed by finplanner 9 months ago
Amazing work, this is my 4th order and I find him to be a very professional fiverr. Excellent Job
Reviewed by steve_why 10 months ago
This is by far the best voice over I have heard on Fiverr. Great Job and extremely fast...Well done.
Reviewed by steve_why 10 months ago
Wow, that was amazing. Really well done. Will surly come back again. Great job.
Reviewed by steve_why 10 months ago
Wow I could not believe that in only 5$ i can get so professional, unique and accurate work. this guy rocks!
Reviewed by idan_p 11 months ago
Perfect! Thank you :)
Reviewed by joytvmelissa 11 months ago
provide a Male Voice Over
provide a Male Voice Over

About This Gig


1 - 75 words = $5 (1 gig)
76 - 150 words = $10 (2 gigs) 
151-225 words = $15 (3 gigs)
225 - 300 words = $25 (5 gigs)
301- 375 words = $35(7 gigs)
376- 450 words = $45(9 gigs You will need to order another set, each gig goes up to 8 gigs, Just add $10 per 75 words)
...And So On

If there's a specific vocal tone in my demo that you prefer, please mention it in your order.

Rates include full post production mastering and your choice of MP3 or WAV, at no extra charge.

Tips are welcomed & Very Much Appreciated! Just Click Below To 



I will revise if I have misread or mispronounced any of your script. This could take up to another 24/hours due to how full my Que is.

Please send me the phonetic spelling of hard to pronounce names or non English words.

**IMPORTANT....If you need a Timed VO i.e. 30sec or 60sec Spot, NO MORE than 110 words for 60sec or 75 words for 30sec.


Well Rounded, Calm to Crazy, Endearing , Country, Sarcastic Silly, Deep or Scary Almost Any Voice You need, just let me know.