I will give you a Twilio Auto SMS Responder script

give you a Twilio Auto SMS Responder script

About This Gig

Send a message to your customers, set the auto reply text for them like when someone reply to your Twilio number, the script will automatically reply back to that customer as per your hardcoded text message.
Normally used for order confirmation and marketings. Like you send a message to your customer and he wants to chose something by sms. This script will automatically reply him back with your text. 
See the GIG image for better understanding and clearance.


  1. You need a web server running PHP at least 5.2 or above
  2. A Twilio account SID and Authentication Token
  3. A Twilio number on which you will receive SMS


  1. This GIG is just a script. You will need to hardcoded your credentials, auto response text, user numbers and initial text in it.
  2. It is not dynamic
  3. No database integration
  4. No GUI included

Order Details

3 days delivery


PHP script to send auto replies to your Twilio inbuond message

  • Include Source Code