I will do professional mixing and mastering

Good Experience!
Reviewed by josephevans861 over 1 year ago
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one of the best experience on fiverr... this seller is very professional and gives top quality... also very accommodating for changes till you are satisfied and a very quick turnaround and top notch communication ... more songs coming your way....thank you for everything
Reviewed by dmoretechie over 1 year ago
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do professional mixing and mastering
do professional mixing and mastering

About This Gig

I am a professional mixing engineer with a degree and years of experience. I love what I do and I'm here to unleash the potential in your music!

If you have any questions, get in touch and I'll be glad to answer ;)

For your $5 you will get:


· Professionally Mixed and Mastered song which you can present to record labels and publishers

· Maximum of 5 stems/regions/tracks/audio files per music peace. If your song/instrumental contains more than 5, please go to “Gig extras”

· You will get a High Quality MP3 file (320kbps)

· I will add effects to your vocals and instruments if needed at no extra cost.

· If your vocals need pitch correction please see "Gig extras"

· If you want me to edit things that are out of time please see "Gig extras"

· If you need WAV file please see "Gig extras"

*if you have an album or ep, please get in touch, I might customise the price for you*

*mastering only - just $5 per song*

Additional info:

Please keep in mind that I can only enhance the potential in your music. I can not change the way it has been recorded, so always send only your best takes for the best results! ;)

P.S. : send in WAV files for the best quality: 

16bit/41kHz, 24bit/41kHz or 24bit/48kHz

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I send you files?
    Use Wetransfer or Dropbox. You can use your own email in Wetransfer and send me the download link only.