I will help with your Minitab task

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help with your Minitab task
help with your Minitab task

About This Gig

In this gig I help with your statistics assignments that requires the use of MINITAB. Below are some of the areas that I can help with:

  1. Basic Descriptive Statistics
  2. Data Sorting
  3. Histograms/Pie Charts/Bar Charts/Line Graphs/Scatterplots
  4. Binomial Distribution/Normal Distribution
  5. Sample Size for Estimation
  6. Confidence Intervals
  7. Hypothesis Testing
  8. Correlation and Regression Analysis

I will also offer an analysis or explanation of the results produced using the software.

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3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Statistical Analysis using Minitab

I will help you with you statistics assignments that require the use of MINITAB to analyse any data.