I will send Super TARGETED Traffic to your Site or Blog

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send Super TARGETED Traffic to your Site or Blog
send Super TARGETED Traffic to your Site or Blog
send Super TARGETED Traffic to your Site or Blog

About This Gig

This service gives Super Targeted Visitors

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Fast, Friendly Support!
  • Only highly targeted human visitors!

These visitors will be targeted to your site, so each visitor will be genuinely interested in it. This means it's beneficial for all kinds of sites, and results are a possibility always.

Sales & leads have been reported, but cannot be guaranteed.

International traffic

Visitors arrive from all over the world, unless you order the gig extra for Tier 1 visits (English & EU or ones you choose). Results have been reported to be higher with this extra.

No reports are provided, but you can request a tracking link.

★ A handful of visits for every day

So that I can guarantee you have the highest chance of getting results, visitors have strict requirements to visit your site. This means the daily amounts will be low, and a duration is impossible to estimate. You always get at least 125+ visitors total with the basic gig.

★ SEO Extra

Improves your google rankings significantly faster than traffic. Doing lots of SEO is VERY important if you'd like to gain a permanent traffic source one day. Very good for sales!

NO Adult sites, Pharma or Gigs. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does my order last?
    That depends on how many visitors you purchase! You can use the drop down button to choose a quantity. An order can last months easily! But accurate duration is impossible to estimate, as it is targeted traffic I provide, so only your site decides how fast you'll be getting traffic.
  • How many visitors do I get?
    You always receive at least 125+ visitors. If you need more, you can order more than 1 gig or choose a larger gig extra.
  • Can you target a specific country or smaller location?
    The Tier 1 gig extra allows you to choose the countries yourself. However, you cannot effectively target smaller areas. But you can give keywords that have your preferred location them to help the targeting.
  • I need Sales! What should I order?
    To have the highest chance of getting sales, ensure visitors arrive only from wealthier countries. So the Tier 1 extra is important. The SEO extra is also ideal, as it's very important to establish permanent online presence for your site. Just remember that sales are never guaranteed!
  • Can you promote my affiliate/CPA link?
    Yes! Although you should first create a landing page, perhaps a blog that promotes your affiliate links. This way you have much higher chance of getting sales. For CPA links order the Tier 1 extra and request visitors from supported countries.
  • What kind of sites are not accepted?
    - Sites with sexual content on them - Pharma/drug related sites - Hacking/Scamming/Illegal sites - Adfly links - I also cannot promote Fiverr gigs
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the results?
    You being satisfied with your order is my number #1 priority! So simply toss a message to my inbox, and I'll do everything in my power to help. If still for some reason you are not satisfied, then I will issue a full refund!
  • What information I need to submit?
    Just your web address and a small description of your site, so people know what it's about! If you have any keywords in mind, you can provide those as well (Optional).