I will setup a smart AdWords campaign for your service website

setup a smart AdWords campaign for your service website
setup a smart AdWords campaign for your service website

About This Gig

Do you provide services online and want to promote it via Google AdWords? Then your are at the right place!

TargetSpur is an professional advertising agency managed by Sharon Avigdor that specializes with PPC campaigns on Google AdWords.

In this gig we aim to setup an account that is optimized to spend money efficiently right from the beginning and is well prepared to identify what works in a campaign in easiest way possible.


a) You send us a message regarding the advertising of your site or landing page before you make an order.

b) We'll make sure that the site/landing page is professionally built. If this is the case then you have a real chance to get leads. After a positive response from us you'll be able to order this gig.

c) As a result you'll get:

* One Search campaign that contains 25 ad groups (one keyword per campaign) and each ad group containing 2 ads.

* Each ad group will contain negative keywords that will save you money.

* In order to get your ads more prominent than your competitors' ads we'll ask AdWords to add Sitelinks, Callouts & Call Extensions.

Gig Extras:

* Get 2 more ad groups + 2 ads per ad group for $15 USD.

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Order Details

AdWords Launch

Setup an highly optimized AdWords Campaign

  • Campaign Development
  • Account Setup
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum amount I should give to AdWords per day?
    You can start with as low as $5 per day for a trial period. Yet, If you want to get more leads & sales you can of course increase this amount & get more clicks that may eventually generate those leads & sales.
  • What should I expect to happen the minute my campaign will be started?
    You should have impressions & clicks that will direct the viewers of the ads to your landing pages or to your website.
  • Can you manage my campaign?
    This is a service we do offer, but only when you will contact us directly via our website. you are welcomed to search for TargetSpur on Google, fill in the short contact form on our website, and we can move forward from there.
  • Will you be accessing my account via my credentials (email & password)?
    No. We have an MCC manager account which enables us to invite clients to have their accounts managed via this account. Hence, the only thing we'll need from you will be your client id. After we'll get that we'll send you a request to manage your account, & once you approve it we can start working.