I will tarot Readings through the Wildwood Trarot deck

tarot Readings through the Wildwood Trarot deck

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Description 3 Card Spread The Arrow Spread Core Reading
  Offers the heart of the issue, the path to pursue, and the path to avoid. A seven card spread that offers, simple, yet detailed insight into the question. This is a detailed lasting 1-3 hours and is designed to really target root life issues.
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About This Gig

Tarot Readings performed by an intuitive empath. I typically use the Wildwood tarot deck, but have others to offer. I am quite adept at reading the symbolism, but will reference my own notes if needs be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you answer yes/no questions?
    Not exactly. But, I am adept at helping you find a question that will help you gain greater insight.
  • Can you predict the future?
    No. I only offer what I see the cards are directing. They usually tell a story of a path you are on typically dependent of your question. The choice of the outcome is im your hands.