I will do quality assurance project

do quality assurance project
do quality assurance project
do quality assurance project

About This Gig

  1. I am also professional web designer and developer with more than 5 years professional experience.
  2. I will provide you testing for your website or any type of  cross platform application.
  3. Deliverable will be a Screencast of my user test on your website. 
  4. - I will test as much of site as I can within the 10 minute window
  5. You may specify if you would like the testing done  PC, and the web browser or mobile devices ,I should use.on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox. 
  6. You can add more blocks of testing time by purchasing the gig multiple times. You will receive 5 minutes of extra testing for each gig purchased. 
  7. I am also an android app developer as well as android mobile user. I will test your app from both prospective user and technical. 
  8. Also in one gig your app will be tested on two different mobile devices.
  9. Quick and Fast response. Feel free to contact.
  10. Below is the parameter which I am going to test on your site
  11. Step 1. Basic testing for the full site (user point of view for one browser) 
  12. Step 2. All vulnerabilities testing (HTTP URL for one browser) 
  13. Step 3. All bugs will be reported after testing 
  14. Step 4. Test cases will be provided after testing.