I will make you a video ads Genius

make you a video ads Genius
make you a video ads Genius

About This Gig

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Ever wondered how to make videos that will send instant insane traffic to your website or affiliate product?

Now, exclusively on Fiverr, you will receive 21 (YES, TWENTY-ONE) videos that will show you all you need to know, chapter by chapter, step by step, how to send insane traffic to the website of your choice using video media techniques.

Here are the chapters you will receive:

1 - Different types of Ads

2 - Link website

3 - Ad examples display

4 - Creating videos

5 - Using camtasia

6 - Keywords indisplay

7 - Thumbnails

8 - Uploading & Optimizing Indisplay

9 - Annotations

10 - In-display Setup 1

11 - In-display setup 2

12 - Little known benefit

13 - In-stream example

14 - Blueprint in-stream

15 - Channel research

16 - In-stream targeting

17 - Optimizing In-display

18 - Scaling up

19 - Split-testing your way to succeed

20 - Keywords

21 - Google plus

This video series will make you become an expert in the field!

You will be delighted!

Thanks for watching!

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How to make excellent video ads

Download the course and become an expert on making video ads!

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the videos in English only?
    Yes, the videos are only in English
  • How do I receive the videos?
    The videos will be sent via external link, since they are so large that it is not possible to send them through Fiverr. You will need a de-compressing software (such as winzip or winrar).
  • Can I watch them with any video player?
    Sure! Videos are played online.