I will give money making sites

give money making sites

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My Gig is list of investment sites that can generate cash for you daily,with little investment
Now is the time to start talking about what cost extra. Now that the buyer fully understands what they can get for $5 now is the time to try and up sell. The reason I determined to have this second is because studies show that the average user will only scroll about 20% of the page so, having your base service and extras near the top makes sure the important information is view able with little to no scrolling. For a personal example, one of my gigs is making a commercial and one of my extras is I will write their script to go along with the video. In explaining why I am better to write the script for the video I get more gig extras ordered. Now some extras are going to be obvious and do not need explaining. Generally you only need to worry about explaining the benefit of your highest costing gig extra other than express delivering.

Finally is what is needed from the buyer. This is not an up sell point and is not crucial that is why it is last

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list of investment site for $5

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